General Election July 2024

Congratulations to LibDem candidates for Ashford (Adam Rowledge) and the Weald of Kent (John Howson) for each getting more than 5% of the vote, which means not forfeiting the £500 deposit.

Neither constituency was a LibDem target seat, but it was decided to send a LibDem leaflet to each and every household so that at least they became aware of what LibDems stand for.


In addition, John in the Weald, attended some hustings. He also responded to more than 400 emails enquiring about candidate’s views.  Meanwhile Charlotte responded to similar enquiries which came into the, by referring to what the LibDem manifesto says on the various topics. She then wrote an article for Kent and Surrey Bylines about this, pointing out that the top concerns of the emailers are: health (many for specific ills); environment and animal welfare.


On Election Day, several LibDems from the two constituencies went to assist in Tunbridge Wells at the polling stations, while Theresa, as always continued to pump out the story on social media. We are all delighted that the LibDem candidate in Tunbridge Wells, Mike Martin, is now an MP.


I joined the party in 2021, wanting to make a difference locally and disillusioned with the handling of the pandemic. Having supported local candidates in County elections I turned my attention to campaigning to make a difference in my own District Ward and became Chair of Folkestone and Hythe Liberal Democrats. I stood as a candidate in the 2023 local elections and this will be my first time as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC). I have recently completed a MSc. in Global Public Policy and am about to start my PhD in Diplomacy and International Governance. Currently working as a university lecturer in London, passionate about education and employability. 





Adam Rowledge looking to camera in blue jacket
Adam Rowledge PPC for LibDems Ashford for Election 2024

Lib Dems select experienced campaigner for Weald of Kent seat


Cllr John Howson will fight Weald of Kent for Liberal Democrats


Cllr Howson said, ‘It is an honour to be asked to fight this new seat for the Lib Dems. With the experiences from four previous general elections under my belt, and a new seat with no sitting MP in place to fight, I look forward to the Lib Dems doing everything to add Weald of Kent to other seats in the South of England where we are looking to win in 2024’.


‘The Tory Party is on the ropes, and the Lib Dems have shown tory voters from Chesham and Amersham to North Shropshire and the West Country that Lib Dem MPs provide a better alternative for tory voters than a disunited Labour Party.’


‘Tory voters in The Weald of Kent are as disillusioned as those elsewhere over Richi Sunak’s government’s handling of the cost-of-living crisis; the NHS, and lack of funding for roads, schools and other public services’, added Cllr Howson.


‘Lib Dems support funding for the NHS; we need to cut waiting times, train more dentists and GPs, and ensure we can recruit enough nurses. The scandal of water companies pumping raw sewage into our rivers may well be adding to the NHS workload, as well as harming our pets’


‘Farming is an important activity locally, and the Lib Dems have promised to fight for more cash for the farming community’.

Cllr Howson is an experienced Lib Dem campaigner, and currently cabinet member for Children, Education and Families on Oxfordshire County Council, where he has been a councillor since 2013.


‘The country has lost confidence in the Tories, and I offer voters a real, credible and experienced alternative,’ said Cllr Howson

His contact details are


Celebrate 75 years of the European Movement

Sir Nick Harvey, former LibDem Minister for the Armed Forces in the coalition government., is the invited speaker following the AGM of East Kent for Europe at St. Peter's Methodist Church, Canterbury (+online access) 6-7.30 pm March 14.

As the new CEO of the European Movement he will explain more fully its current strategy, share his political insights and understanding with us. Furthermore, in the present context of the Russian war against Ukraine, and Trump’s threatening remarks concerning NATO, Nick’s experience when a career politician, is highly appropriate with regard to the evolving defence needs of the EU, Britain’s involvement with it and a deepening of cooperation in the future. 

See how we can all help to further the various campaigns, begin to make a difference and become part of a wider, broadening pro-EU community. It is vital for us all to convey the positive aspects of Europe, as well as emphasising Britain’s role back at the heart of the EU. 

To register for online attendance

To register for in person attendance

For more details about NIck Harvey's political career,

Save Old Wives Lees from Industrial Solar

Donate to save farmland from solar panels

Donations Please

Dear Member

Please Help us pay for the Landscape Review

I'm sorry to bother you before Christmas but we would really appreciate donations to help pay for the Review of the Landscape and Visual Impact of North Court Solar Farm.  We now need to raise a £1000 to pay for the invoice from Land Use Consultants.  We have already had some generous donations in and would like to thank those that have already donated! So please every little will help  - remember that if this application gets accepted we will all suffer by the negative impact on our house values and impact on our amenity so please give generously!  The report can be seen on the planning portal: Planning Application: PA/2022/2415 (

You can either donate by BACS to our Barclays SOWLIS Account Sort Code: 20-54-25 and Account Number 90629553  (this is the preferable method as it will not incur transaction charges) or alternatively via PayPal via our website (PayPal charges transaction fees so we do not get the full amount you donate!!)

Nick Chan - invited speaker for Nov 27 at the Elwick 7 pm

Nicholas Chan has a passion for making true to the promise that “No one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity”. He co-founded the Liberal Democrats Friends of Hong Kong. It’s a LibDems-affiliated organisation driving policies to build resilient networks in both private & public sectors to defend the Rules Based International Order. A psychologist, and now in criminal law, he’s focused against modern slavery. Standing up for fair international values transcends to everyday life opportunities just as campaigning for safer roads. We can form stronger industrial strategies for local communities, and the fairer chance for all human rights campaigners by standing firm on inalienable rights.

He campaigns with Medway LibDems, and has recently been looking at the local plan of that part of Kent.


Nicholas Chan
Nicholas Chan

Sir Vince Cable: ‘be proud of our achievements in office’



At a dinner in Maidstone on 29 October 2023, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Vince Cable, defended the reputation of the coalition government in which he served from 2010 to 2015.


Liberal Democrats, he said, should be proud of their record in government. It was, he emphasised, a remarkably stable time in politics when compared to subsequent administrations. He, for example, held the post of Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills for five years, whereas one current minister has held five different ministerial posts in the last year!


Sir Vince highlighted three achievements in particular of which he felt Liberal Democrats should be proud: while in coalition, we

    1. prevented David Cameron holding a referendum on the EU
    2. were instrumental in introducing Universal Credit
    3. raised the tax threshold to take lower-paid workers out of the tax system


Sir Vince spoke in a relaxed and engaging manner and afterwards provided comprehensive answers to questions ranging from his record in office to his views on rejoining Europe.


The dinner was organised by Maidstone’s Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, David Naghi, and was attended by representatives of Ashford, Medway and East Sussex Liberal Democrats as well as members of his own constituency party.


Jacquie Stamp

31 October 2023



Vince Cable speaking at Maidstone dinner
Vince Cable speaking at Maidstone dinner

Adrian Gee-Turner, prospective parliamentary candidate for Ashford, took a turn at the mid-Beds Byelection campaign. Charlie said he completed a "difficult" round of delivering the campaign newspaper. It was pouring here in Ashford. Wonder if they were sloshing around in mid-Beds !

Adrian Gee-Turner at LibDem mid-Beds Campaign office
Adrian at Libdem mid-Bed Campaign office


 Mid Bedfordshire has traditionally been a Conservative Stronghold ever since the last Liberal MP lost his seat in 1929, but its most recent MP (the infamous Nadine Dorries) has completely neglected it, with individual and community issues left completely unresolved. This has given us a very rare window of opportunity to overcome such a large majority by getting out to places that haven’t seen serious political campaigning for decades and talking to lifelong Conservative voters who are totally repelled by Suella’s rhetoric and are looking for a serious alternative. All of us here are working hard to make sure to reach as many voters as possible, as a five to ten minute conversation works wonders on the doorstep and it feels like we are cutting through and persuading the many undecided voters that the Lib Dems are the party that will reverse Nadine’s neglect.

Three volunteers from Ashford are driving to mid-Beds on Oct 17 to join Charlie in this By-election campaign. There's room for one more in the car ! To volunteer, contact

Charlie with mid-Beds campaign team

Ashford rep at LibDem National Conference

"The 4 days at Bournemouth was exhilarating. I came away impressed with how the Libdems make policy," says Charlotte Mbali. See a link to her article on policy making with the LibDems as published in Kent and Surrey Bylines

There can be several purposes to a political party conference. Most people who are not active party members probably know of the UK political party conferences only as a season when the media features headlines about the policy of a party, as revealed in its conference press statement. But I am troubled about this policy-making by media projection, and prefer to trust that at least some political parties, notably the LibDems, are sincere in attempting to formulate policy from the bottom up, that is with input from those active read further click link below

Your Ashford LibDem Exec

These are the local LibDems who were elected as the local committee at the AGM last November

Robin Robison

Robin Robison - Branch Chairman

Robin Robison is a lawyer who lives on a small holding in Brook

Steve Bowen

Steve Bowen

Steve Bowen is the branch treasurer. He lives in Tenterden

Charlotte Mbali

Charlotte Mbali is Membership Secretary. She lives in central Ashford

Adrian Gee-Turner

Adrian Gee-Turner

Adrian Gee-Turner was Election agent to all the LibDem ward candidates in 2023. He is the Ashford prospective parliamentary candidate

Stuart Metcalf

Stuart Medcalf

Stuart Medcalf is a town councillor in Tenterden

Jacqueline Stamp

Jacqueline Stamp

Jacqueline Stamp lives in central Ashford

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